All I want for Christmas

 Today's oufit~
The Osaka-style.

Well of course this style is worn everywhere but I somehow associate it with Osaka as the style seems to be worn there very often and in general it fits to the cozy and chilled athmosphere of Osaka.

Another reason is, I bought the hat in Osaka :D

 Today's  Bento for the weekly lunch-meeting with my japanese friends.
It was Yakitori-Salmon (from Norway >.<), Yaki-Tamago, left-over soba from the other day and pumpkin as usual.
To prepare pumpkin is really easy. I just always cut the raw pumpkin into small cubes and put it into the microwave at 600W for about 2-3 minutes, covered with kitchen foil. Then it's soft and ready to eat. I top it with soy sauce or anything else.

If you have been to Japan you might know the Kaldis Coffee-shops that are usually inside the big AEON-malls. Those coffee shops sell of course coffee but also international foods and sweets (from european cheese to Lindt-choco or italian noodles etc.). A bit expensive but not extremely expensive, depends on the product.
However, I found this german "Stollen" there yesterday and also german Glühwein (hot wine punch) which I didn't buy.
Of course I was happy to find original german Christmas food in Japan but somehow I also thought "Wow the world has really become small. I don't need to long for something, miss something or wish to have something I cannot have. 
I can have everything and if it's not available in a shop, I can order it online.
It's great on the one hand but also takes away the sweet sense of "aaww I wish I could have that now..but I have to wait until next year/have to let it send by my family etc."
I hope it's understandable what I mean.. of course I'm happy that I could buy it and eat it when I'm alone on Christmas :(

There is a lot to do, two final papers I have to write and in two weeks final Japanese exams coming up-.- So I'm gonna continue learning..


  1. Dein Bento sieht toll aus !*33* <3
    und das Osaka Style hat auch was ! hihi :3
    Viel Erfolg beim lernen !!:3 Halt durch!