Trip to Gifu//Food Replica Making//Autumn leaves

On sunday I went on a trip with japanese students from TTI (Toyota Technological Institute) to Gujo Hachiman in Gifu prefecture.
This small city is famous for something very special: The food replicas you see infront of every japanese restaurant where invented there and are still produced there^^

I like these kinds of excursions as they're very cheap and we get carried by bus which is so comfortable and so I can see various parts of Japan so easily^^
The bus~ We came to talk with japanese students so fast, it was very funny^^

One not so funny thing: Embarrassing tourist-name-plates.. but well, later I put it into my bag and 'forgot' it there XDD

We had a short break and there they sold those huuuuge Takoyaki!! (*0*) They looked so good!

But I didn't buy those, I bought a tiny tiny waffle instead. Later I didn't even know why I bought it. Was just super small and too sweet XD

Then we finally arrived in Gujo Hachiman! It was really a bit of Kyoto-feeling but there were sooo less people^^ It was so great :3
Now just a few impressions~

I didn't want to photograph the woman (I'm sorry!!) but the café looked sooo cute *-*

We searched something for lunch then and went to a quite traditinal-style Udon-restaurant. We could sit on tatami :3

My Chicken Udon~

Udon with Aburaage

Miso Nikomi-Udon

Tenpura Udon

Neko-chan :D

After lunch we went to the castle of the town to watch the atumn leaves^^ We had to climb a little mountain.

The castle!!
There was a group of actors playing some samurai. Of course we had to do some tourist-photo (-.-;;) 

Then we went into the castle. As usual, a little museum about the more or less famous feudal lord Endo Morikazu who built the castle in 1559. (It's not the original though, has been rebuilt)

Very beautiful pictures^^ 

Then we went to the top of the castle and had a stunning view over the region!!

On our way back the beautiful autumn leaves!!

Well after the castle we went to a food-replica-factory where we made our own food-replica! :D

So many food replicas! (*0*)

Then we started our little crafting~
Chose some of those~
The samples~

How to do it~

The base~
Voila~ That was mine^^ Pancakes with fruits~ Really not very nice but so easy to make XD

he he

Afterwards Caro and me went to get some ice cream^^ I had Kuri (chestnut) ice cream <3

Bye Bye Gujo Hachiman!

What I bought today, mostly Omiyage~
Kanto/Nagoya-kitkat. The taste is..anko-sandwich? Not so..good..but interesting^^;

Omiyage (souvenirs) for my dorm mates :3

And I bought this Taiyaki at the food replica factory^^ Doesn't it look great? :D

Well that was it about the trip to Gifu^^ I could make some new japanese friends and eat great food and see a new side of Japan which I'm really happy about.


  1. So your university paired up with TTI to go on the trip? Seems fun! Gifu looks so beautiful! It seems like a very cute place. I'm glad you had a good time. :)

  2. Ohhh, das sieht so schön aus dort, den Ort hab ich auch gestern im Internet gefunden, als ich auf der Suche nach neuen Ausflugszielen war und prompt kommt von dir ein Eintrag mit sehr viel Anschauungsmaterial!! XD Jetzt weiß ich zumindest, dass der Ort wirklich lohnenswert ist, aber von Tokyo aus ist es doch ganz schön weit, leider…
    Die Miniatur-Törtchen sehen auch voll gut aus, ich hab mir auch mal eins gekauft und mich immer gefragt, wie man diese Sahne macht, wie funktioniert das? Spritzt man die wirklich irgendwie drauf und das Material verhärtet sich dann oder wie bekommt man so tolle Sahne hin? Nicht, dass ich es irgendwann mal selbst ausprobieren wöllte, aber ich finde das toll, wenn Leute solche echt aussehenden Miniaturen hinbekommen und ich frag mich dann immer, wie die das machen! ^^

    Der Taiyaki ist auch sehr süß!! Bei uns gibt es momentan keine Taiyaki mehr, wir haben hier ja viele Untergrund-Fressmeilen an den großen Bahnhöfen und in Shibuya gibt es einen Stand, der mal Taiyaki hatte, aber seit Kurzem haben die nur noch solche runden Dinger, die zwar genauso gemacht werden und genauso schmecken, aber ich frag mich, warum es keine Taiyaki mehr gibt, das ist so gemein!! :(

    Oh und das Eis sieht auch verdammt lecker aus, verdammt, wie soll ich bei so leckeren Fotos zuhause sitzen und lernen?? Aber danke für den schönen Bericht, jetzt weiß ein wenig besser, wie der Ort aussieht! :)

  3. heaven heaven heaven heavennnnnn *_*
    I want to go to Gifu so badly ♥

  4. a beautiful place, where I'd also like to sometimes go there ♥
    yeay so much delicous food yummy

  5. As always... incredible photos!
    So beautiful!

  6. Die Bilder sind ja herrlich!! Traumhaft schöne Aufnahmen ♥ Der Herbst in Japan muss unglaublich toll sein. Die Blätterfarben *-*
    Liebe Grüße