Strolling through Kansai! Day 2: OSAKA! Karaoke//Curry//Friends

After my one-day stay at Kyoto on saturday, I drove to Osaka to visit my friend Katrin^^
I could stay at her apartment, thank you so much again <3

Looking back now, I'm a bit proud of myself that I did all the trip on my own XD
To be honest it was not easy to buy the right tickets, find the right trains and everything. Though everything is also written in Romaji and English, it was just difficult to find my way in those unknown and huge stations. I also had change trains a few times, that made it not easier XD
But in the end everything went well and I arrived in the suburb of Osaka where Katrin is living, at around 5:30 I think^^

The station at Katrin's town^^ Somehow I liked Osaka right from the beginning^^
Night scenery of Osaka's suburb^^

Katrin was so nice to pick me up at the station, we did some grocery and donut shopping and then went to her and her cohabiter Nathalia's cute little apartment^^ I absolutely love it!! I wish I would live in such a cute little home in Japan :3

For dinner we had delicious Omurice ^^

Hehe~ Chilling after a exhausting sightseeing day :D

It's our tradition: Whenever we meet, we buy donuts and have a donut party XD
So we went to Mr. Donuts^^ 

The three ones on the right side were really delicious, the one on the left side is said to be some "chestnut" donut but it didn't taste that much like chestnut and the chocolate donut had no taste at all :( So next time, other donuts^^ I have to say I prefer the ones with filling or much syrup XD

I had brought some Omiyage from Kyoto: Yatsuhashi! We ate them afterwards^^ I really love Yatsuhashi, they are sooooo delicious!! (*0*) 
Yatsuhashi are like little rice-duff made pastries filled with various 'japanese' fillings. Mostly anko or kuri (<3) but often also sweet potato or other fillings^^

So I'll forwarn you now: The most thing we did all the days was eating!! XDD

However, on saturday evening I was just super tired so we just talked a lot about news and then slept XD

On sunday then Nathalia's friend from Korea came visiting us and we all went to Karaoke^^

The weather was not so good but it didn't matter, the best thing to do on a rainy day is going to Karaoke XD

This karaoke is amazingly cheap! The softdrinks are for free and if you order food, you can eat softice for free as much as you want!!! (*0*)

So we ordered Takoyaki^^

Katrin and me <3

Softice! I think I never ate so much icecream in my life before XDD

 It was soooo funny^^ Afterwards we went home and I prepared curry for dinner^^
HAHA this was like Curry sauce..and a bit food. XD

Chilling and watching Drama :D

Girls :D
It was really funny and we had a good time^^

Next entry will be about Osaka downtown and Osaka Castle^^


  1. Aww :) ich find auch, dass du das super hinbekommen hast, das erste mal alleine in Japan reisen. .:) du kannst schon stolz auf dich sein! !
    So viel leckeres Essen!♡

  2. this looks like sooo much fun!! <3