Strolling through Kansai! Day 1: KYOTO


I'm back from my 5-days trip to Kyoto and Osaka! It was the funniest trip I had until now^^ So great!!

I won't write about everything today as it's too much and I made too many pictures^^;

Let's start with my first day.
I started to trip on saturday at 6:30 in the morning, to KYOTO!

The station was so empty in the morning.

Bye Bye, Nagoya~

But Nagoya station and Shinkansen Station was of course crowded. 
I had reserved a non-reserved seat-ticket but the shinkansen was so full with people that I had to stand next to the door and had to carry my heavy bag all the time..that was really exhausting but I could look out of the window and it was only 35minutes so it was ok^^

Then I arrived in Kyoto at app. 8:30am^^

It is quite easy to get around in Kyoto, there is a 500Yen-Day-Ticket and with this you can go to almost every 'important' sightseeing-spot by bus^^

Of course I had to ask some "kyoto-staff"-people because I didn't knwo where the busses were etc. XD

But thanks to my "Kyoto Sanpo" ("walking in Kyoto") magazine, I got along quite good^^

The magazine shows the nicest walks through the nicest parts of Kyoto. So you only have to go by bus to a certain spot and then the magazine shows where you can do sightseeing, eat the best food, snacks in cafés and buy omiyage^^

So my first stop was the famous  

The temple is a World cultural heritage (Historic monuments of ancient Kyoto) and very famous! 
It's a buddhist temple which was founded in Heian period (app.800 years ago) but the building that we can see today is younger. Inside the temple are three waterfalls which are said to have healing powers.
I was so happy that I went to Kyoto so early, there were already some tourists but it was still very nice and not too crowded.

 On my way to the Kiyomizu^^ Ancient streets with ricksha^^

The stairs to the temple.

Small wooden plates where wishes are written on.

Temple building~

The pagoda of Kiyomizu-dera

Then I went to the famous platform and watched the great scenery. I had hoped to see autumn leaves when I came to Kyoto but well..the summer has been to long and hot, it's still not so nice. But you can see the changing colors a bit^^

The entrance ticket~

The entrance tori to Jishu-jinja, a nearby shrine~

The amazing great platform of Kiyomuzu-Dera. It looked so amazing!

lol I was here~

Everywhere were those little buddhist statues. wikipedia says it's Ksitigarbha.
"Ksitigarbha is known for his vow to take responsibility for the instruction of all beings in the six worlds between the death of Gautama Buddha and the rise of Maitreya Buddha as well as his vow not to achievBuddhahood  until all hells are emptied. He is therefore often regarded as the bodhisattva of hell beings, as well as the guardian of children and patron deity of deceased children and aborted fetuses in Japanese culture."
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ksitigarbha

A few early autumn leaves!! (*0*)

When leaving the Kiyomizu-Dera, I walked through the nice streets with lots of shops for Souveniers, restaurants and sepcialities^^

And OMG I saw Maiko!! (*_*) (Geisha-students) They were so beautiful! (*0*)

I continued walking around Kiyomizu-Dera and found this little shrine. I don't know the name.

So nice decorations~ I am not sure but it could be a shrine for aborted fetus.

Next temple I visited was Yasaka Pagoda
It was really impressive!

And afterwards to Yasaka-Jinja which is located in Gion. I didn't notice that I was going to Gion all the time when I came to the Yasaka-Shrine XD

Stalking to beautiful girls in kimono^^

This little boy was so cute^^ There were many children with their families in beuatiful kimono getting photos taken and some cerenomy. I don't know why, it was not a national holiday, as far as I know. However, it was nice to look at all the cute little children^^

Again, wishes :D

And a Shinto-style wedding~

Afterwards I strolled through Gion, the old geisha quarter of Kyoto again. Because it was stil early, most of the shops were still closed but that was nice, there were also very few poeple in the streets^^


Afterwards I took a bus again and went to Heian-Jingu.

This laaaarge Tori was the entrance to the shrine. It was so huge!(O.O;)

The main entrance.

And again wishes on papers and wood blocks~

Mi~ I'm here again XD

And then there was the big place with the Heian-shrine. It's dedicated to the 50th emperor of Japan, Kammu.

But well, my main interest was the fact, that my favourite movie "Lost in Translation" was partly shooted here^^


Well my pic looked so different XD But still it was nice^^

After Heian-shrine it was after midday and lunch time. I walked randomly through some rather quiet little streets and then I saw a cute little café which was quiet and comfy and there were not so many tourists in the area. There were sold freshly prepared small lunches and pasta.
Kyoto is famous for the excellent vegetables so I ordered the lunch bento with veggies^^

My lunch^^ Underneath was cooked rice^^

This was really SO good! The veggies tasted so fresh and the fish was so good too. Besides I got Kyoto-pickles..so good. I bought them later^^

Afterwards black tea^^ I read my Kyoto Sanpo magazine and relaxed.

The interior^^ It was so comfortable and nice :3

Afterwards I was already a bit tired. I didn't know how to get to my next target so I went back to Kyoto station. It was already very crowded. 
I went to Kinkaku-Ji (Golden Pavillon). 

It took some time to get there but it was really nice! 
The entrance to Kinkaku-ji.
 A really funny thing was, there were posters everywhere saying "Don't take photos!" Everywhere. So I was afraid and even put my camera into my bag, didn't want to take photos. But then, when everybody entered the compound, everybody started to take photos. And I mean EVERYBODY! So I was like "huh? what the.." There were even police and staff people but they didn't do anything. So..I took a few photos too(-.-;)

 This was Kinkaku-ji. It looked really beautiful. This buddhist temple was built in th 14th century by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. It was burned down 1950s and rebuild 5 years later and is also a world cultural heritage. 

It looked really beautiful. The park around was also really quiet and nice but because we tourists ran there around all the time, it was somehow not that quiet XD 

 I think this building was one of the residental buildings of Yoshimatsu.

I heard some older Japanese say this was some Bonzai-stuff~ At least it looked pretty cool.

And some beautiful atummn leaves again! (*0*) 

 Haha now I know where the shrines and temples get their money from XDD

That was it..when I came back to Kyoto station, it was already around 5pm. I was tired and kind of overwhelmed by all the beauty.

Kyoto is really the most beautiful place in the world. Also the not-historic parts of the city are just beautiful. No high buildings (I think there is even a law that prohibites too high buildings) and everywhere nice and precious looking shops and cafés. I want to go there again so badly, I still need to see the Fushimi Inari shrine and the Nanzen-shrine. 

I bought some omiyage there and totally fell in love with the speciality Yatsuhashi! They're soo good (;////;) I wanna buy more.. (;0;)

I still had to go by train to Osaka to my dear friend Katrin who is studying in Osaka at the moment^^ I could stay at her place, thank you again <3

So late in the evening I finally arrived in Osaka!

Osaka post will come later^^


  1. du hast echt wahnsinnig viel in so kurzer Zeit gesehen !!;O; ich liebe Kyoto auch !! <3<3 aww die Bilder, die du gemacht hast, sind auch total schön !! <3<3

  2. Jaah, Kyoto ist so schön und du hast das Glück im Herbst hinzukommen, ich würd auch so gern!! :D
    Witzig, dass manche Stellen immer noch genauso aussehen, die Treppe mit den Tanukis hab ich auch damals gesehen, der Weg dort lang ist sehr schön, genau wie die anderen umliegenden Straßen!! Die Fotos sind auch super schön, mir gefällt der kleine Junge auf der Treppe am besten, echt schönes Bild!! :)
    Ich freu mich schon auf den Eintrag Osaka!! :D

  3. I think you will really like the Inari Shrine! It's really cool walking through it. If you go at night, when you get closer to the top, you can see the city lights through the trees; it's really pretty! If you do that I would recommend you bring a flashlight because there aren't many lights there... :)

    I'm looking forward to your posts on Osaka! :)

  4. I can't put in words how awesome these photos are!
    I wish I can go there someday, too, and I hope you really enjoy your stay there! :)
    Have a lot of more fun!