Shopping with Momu//Ma Faveur

Today I spent a day with my dear dorm mate Momu in Aeon.

Actually we went there with 4 people, two guys from our dorm together but after we had lunch the guys wanted to go alone. So Momu and me had a girl's day :D

So first we went to lunch with the boys, well actually it was lunch for one and dessert for the rest of us because we already had eaten lunch at the dorm.

My dormmate had a delicious looking 'Make you own Ochazuke'-dish^^ Looked so good.

The rest of us had some dessert. I had Matcha cake~

Well afterwards the boys went their ways and Momu and me strolled through the shopping center and bought a few things and had some good time.

I really wanna make photos of or inside the shops but I'm always too afraid,I think it's forbidden so I never make photos (_ _;)

But well, in the evening we had dinner in a chinese restaurant. We shared our food: Fried bell pepper and pork (as usual) Mabo Tofu :D

Aaah Mabotofu, my favourite chinese food ever~

Momu and me^^ Aw she's so cute, like my little sister^^

We also made Puri~


Well, and  bought stuff again (-.-;)

This cute sweater from Honey's was at sale so..しょうがないね・・

love those face masks :3

And I bought those beautiful cups in a great shop called "Ma faveur"! 

xDD Normal and with a stupid retro-filter on it~

However I also bought those cute teas there :3

As always I was afraid to take pictures of the shop so I will share some pics from the internet. This shop is just too perfect!

They sell so many great things: decorations, many cute presents, a few sweets, tea, coffee, clothes, accessories, a lot of awesome stationery,CDs, and many kitchen and bath tools.Aw I fell so in love with this shop. 

Now have to learn for tomorrow's test~ 


  1. Viel Glück für deinen Test morgen! ;) aw ein girls day ist doch auch super! ♡ der Laden hat wirklich tolle Sachen! ;^; ♡ zumindest das was du gezeigt hast xD

  2. Huhu,
    wir haben heute deine Karte bekommen ♥ Vielen lieben Dank dafür, die ist so süß!!!
    Die Puris sind voll niedlich und die Tassen sind voll hübsch *-*
    Viel Erfolg beim Test morgen!!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Die Tassen sind ja süß und oassen so gut zu dir. ^^