Shopping in Osu

On saturday Caro and I went shopping in Osu. 

First we wanted to have lunch and actually we wanted japanese food but in Osu there are not so many japanese restaurants, just a lot of boothes and street food. But if it comes to a proper meal like lunch or dinner, I prefer sitting some where. I don't like eating outside while standing or walking.. so we didn't find something matching..we ended up with sapghetti which was also ok XD
Caro had "Spaghetti Napolitan". We asked before it meat was included and the waitress said 'no'. When it came, there was sausage in the sauce XD Well..maybe misunderstanding~

I had chicken Curry Spaghetti, was really good^^


For dinner we had Taiyaki, aw how I love this~~

Infront of the Taiyaki-shop :3

Afterwards we went shopping here and there and there was a new shop, called "Alice on wednesday". It was a "Alice in wonderland"-shop. You had to enter it through a really small door like in the story! :D
Inside it was cute but not that spectacular, a lovely decorated little shop with Alice in Wonderland-goods and a few "eat me"-cookies^^ Very cute though

Ok some time went by, it was late afternoon and we passed a great little crepes-shop. So..we needed crepes though we both were not very hungry but somehow..you don't need to be hungry for sweets, huh?
They had also great ice cream there! Wanna try them soon! 

Crepes-Menu (O////O)

Our crepes! I had Banana-choco-something XD It was so good, the best crepes I ate until now, not so hard and with lots of custard creme and pudding and delicious stuff inside *v*

Afterwards we strolled through the shops again. In Osu are so many many great stylish shops but I never dare to take pics inside (.__.;) Just some very cute shops from the outside.

We somehow missed the station so we just walked through the streets, ended up in Sakae and just let us drift through the streets~

 There are the christmas illuminations everywhere now :3

Then we found the station XDD

So we went back to our dorms~
My dinner was selfmade sushi~ 
I'm still amazed how easy it is to get great tasting sushi here. Just buy some nori, some pre-cooked rice or cook by yourself and some fish from the supermarket which has really great quality here^^ 

Brown-rice sushi XD

So the stuff I bozght today (not everything of the food is for me, I'll send a lot to my family for christmas XDD)

I couldn't resist to buy another scarf at Chichikaka..I love their fashion and stuff

 We also made Puri~

That was it for today~
Today was a funny day too, we went on a trip with japanese students to prefecture Gifu, to watch autumn leaves and see a food-sample-factory :3
It was funny and with lots of food again XD
Will post about this later~ 


  1. die Läden in Osu sehen total toll aus !!;33; Die Alice in Wonderland Tür find ich ja klasse ! XD COOL!

  2. Nice shopping day c: The food looks YYUM!! Xx

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  4. such a nice day ヽ(o^―^o)ノ
    so are you living in japan for study or you move to there?

  5. thank youu :D
    your blog is lovely too!

    are you an exchange student or something??
    i dream to study in japan in the future as well :)
    so when i see your blog, it makes me really wanna go to japan so much!

    btw, i also secretly followed you for a pretty long time. lol

  6. I feel the same with you. LOL
    I hardly to get any comments. It's a bit lonely. *sobbing*

    Honestly, I like to read other people's stories
    Especially, when it's about Japan! (*^^*)
    So I'll visit your blog and leave a comment more often
    Hope you don't mind with my wrong English grammar. uhuhuu... ♡(*´ω`*)

    So are you from Germany?
    I'm from Thailand. And my name's Mim. I'm 20! (^ω^)

    It's really expensive to study or live in Japan. (T^T)
    After my university graduation,
    my friend and I want to study at Japanese language school for 2 years
    but it's not sure for now. I hope she'll go there with me. (^-^)

  7. Oh okay :D
    Thank you so much!

    btw, 'my follow link' is in the left on the first page at 'my network'
    it's kinda small. >3<

  8. I would love to visit Nagoya one day, my friend studied there as well and it looks so nice! The Alice shop looks so cute ^^ I love that you have to enter through the small door :D

  9. Deine ganzen Essensfotos machen mich hier ganz kirre xDD Das sieht alles so saulecker aus. Mir hängt der Magen inner Kniekehle :(
    Ich mag deine dunklen Haare, die stehen dir super!