Outfits & Nonsense

First I want to thank you all for your lovely comments lately.
They make me happy :)

Beautiful atumn in Nagoya

What I'm doing too much: Eating sweets (no joke, everyday..(-.-;) I should stop being so unhealthy..) and buying magazines~

lol Lately I'm often alone, strolling through the city, having coffee somewhere~
But it's ok, I get along. Thankfully Japan really knows perfectly how to distract you from sad thoughts with all its funny stuff^^; So it's ok.

And tomorrow I'm meeting my dear friend Yoshie again, 楽しみにしている :)


  1. Ah, I don't know if you saw, but I replied to your comment on my blog earlier. My reply was quite long so I didn't want to clutter your comments with it... :)

    You look so cute and cozy in the first picture! That scarf is pretty interesting, it has two different sides right?

    I always say I will stop eating sweets, but then I end up eating them quite often anyway... :( I think you work out very often so you are still pretty healthy. :)

    Are your dorm mates not up for adventures? But, I understand being alone... On the bright side, you get to do whatever you feel like. :) I would like to go to Nagoya next year, and I think I may end up exploring the city alone quite a bit. Here, there is not much to explore, but I feel like in Japan the good transportation and feeling safe make it easier to do fun things alone. :)

    1. Hm... I don't have a smartphone either... But actually, I think my friend said that you can download LINE on your computer as well! ^.^ So if you would like to try it it out maybe you could do that. :)

      Sometimes when I'm out with other people I feel like they rush, so you don't get to do everything you want or take time to appreciate what's around you. I think everything will be okay for you because I think when you do the things you like, you find similar people! You also seem like a very sweet girl, so I wouldn't worry too much. :)

      Some of the deer at Nara were so aggressive! Make sure you watch out for them. One guy in our group got his map eaten by a deer! Another girl got her dress chewed on... I have never been to Kobe. If you go, I look forward to hear your thoughts on it. :) As for Okinawa, I don't think I would spend a long time there, but I think it might be an interesting experience. I know what you mean about 5 months not being as long as it seems. I tend to take things for granted when I live somewhere for a while, but then when I leave I realize how many things I did not go to see! I hope you are able to visit all the places you are interested in!

  2. Es ist so niedlich aus, wenn du deine Haare zu einen Dutt (? Was für ein komisches Wort xD) hochsteckst!!
    Ich glaube es ist nicht so schlimm, wenn du etwas Süßes ist!;) du gehst ja auch oft zum Sport! Das passt schon! Außerdem musst du doch auch viel probieren (an Essen)..wenn du in Japan bist!;)

  3. Oooooooooh ;___; so tolle tolle tolle Outfits!!! <3

  4. Schöne Outfits~ ich mag deinen Stil. (^_^)
    Es ist dein eigener Stil, das was du gern magst. Ich kann die ganzen Sachen die jeder trägt (der Japan"fan" ist) nicht mehr sehen. Ich meine damit die japanischen Markenklamotten (LizLisa, etc...) die Leute sehen mittlerweile alle gleich aus, nichts eigenes/kreatives mehr. (-。-;
    So einen Rock wie auf dem ersten Bild habe ich mir auch in Japan gekauft. ^_^
    Und Süßigkeiten ausprobieren gehört doch dazu! ^o^ In Deutschland kommt man eh kaum an diese tollen Sachen ran. ~_~

  5. Du hast so einen wunderschönen und verträumten Stil. Ich mag diese Erdtöne und Outfits gern und sie stehen dir total gut. *__*