OSAKA Day 3: Osaka Castle//Dotonbori//Nanba!

On monday, Katrin and Nathalia had to go to university and Nathalia's friend from Korea had to fly back to Seoul but before the two of us decided to do some sightseeing^^

We went to Osaka-Jou (Osaka castle) and afterwards to the downtown of Osaka, to go to the famous Dotonbori bridge!

But first, Osaka castle^^ Finding our way there was easy but on our way back we got lost XD But then we found our way back so it was ok XD

Me infront of Osaka-jou XD 

The Osaka Castle was a very important important buidling in Japan's history.
It was build in the 16th century  by one of the three unifiers of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi (who was born in Nagoya ;D). Later Tokugawa Ieyasu took the castle. It was burned down and damaged many times during wars but it has always been built up again.



I had the chance to meet my senpai Jacki there! She is studying in Osaka at the moment and I was so happy to meet her^^ Unfortunately it was a bit complicated and we didn't have much time. But I was happy (^^)
I will definitely go to Osaka again and meet her and the other Osaka-people again^^

Haha me and Jacki^^ I look funny with my stola, like a grandmom again XD

Group picture^^ Jacki was there with two co-students of her^^

Oh and there was a little Castle-Matsuri on that weekend and a few crepes-boothes and one sold Taiyaki^^ So..I had to buy :D

After I had bought some Omiyage, we went to Nanba!! (*0*)
 We went to Dotonbori, the famous bridge/street in Osaka. And omg, I totally fell in love with Osaka!! The coolest city until now!
Walking in Osaka~

 The famous giant advertisings at Dotonbori^^

Mep~ I was here XD

You might already know, but there is a quite common opinion in Japan, that the Osaka/Kansai-people are a lot different than for example the Tokyo/Kanto-people.

The Osaka-people are said to be more open, funnier, outgoing and humorous than for example Nagoya or Tokyo-people. In fact, Nagoya-people are said to be arrogant because many rich people live here XD Well..I wouldn't say it's totally true..but I can say that Osaka-people are really outgoing and funny!!

Like probably most foreign girls in Japan, I get called "kawaii" or "bijin" very often but I never got spoken to by so many people like a experienced it in Osaka XD

On the bridge, two Japanese girls came over and just asked if they should take a photo of us for us, so friendly^^ 

 Afterwards we wanted to eat something so of course, Osaka's Okonomiyaki!! :D 
We found a little restaurant and ordered a "All-mixed-Okonomiyaki"

Oooh it was so good (*v*)

It started raining heavily outside but that's no problem in Nanba because right and left to the Dotonbori-bridge/street (whatever XD) is a huuuuuuge looooong shopping-street all roofed^^

We stopped at Starbucks and I had Matcha latte^^ I like it here because it's a good Matcha Latte, the japanese one is of course with good tea, not like the Starbucks' Matcha in Germany.. 
The Japanese Matcha Latte reminds me of my workplace former TENTEN Coffee^^

After the coffee break, Nathalia's friend had to go to the airport to fly back to Seoul.

I decided to stroll through Nanba on my own^^ 

There were so many great shops^^ 
And I had my 2nd "Nice Osaka-people"-experience XD 
I went to a hat-shop and when entering the shop, one of the 4 salespersons said "Welcome, please look freely" (a commong phrase, you might know). Well,I often murmur something like "Thank you". Because, if I enter a shop and somebody looks in my eye and smiling saiys "welcome", I cannot ignore the person XD 

So I went into the shop. Than the 2nd salesperson, a man, looked at me and said to his co-worker "Very cute!" The first salesperson came over to him and said "She understands Japanese". He was like "oh, ok" and laughed and because they spoke about me and I somehow stood near them, I had to laugh and the others laughed too.

Oftenly when you buy something, a salesperson shows you the clothes and wants to encourage you to buy something. But this time the salesperson came over to me and started asking where I was from, "a Germany! 'Guten Tag', 'Dankeschön'. I can say two words"; then she asked what I was doing here in Japan, if I lived here, if I'm doing vacations in Osaka, if my eye-color is my true eyecolor or lenses etc"

She was so outgoing, I never experienced something like that before in Nagoya. In Nagoya it's mostly "You should buy this shirt. It suits you. Thanks. Bye." XDD

Well, I don't know if she was really interested or just more creative in selling, but I bought a hat there :D
Love it :D By the way, the Shop was called "Mu".

When I went to the cashier, the 4th salesperson also started asking where I was from, if I liked Osaka (I said I love it XD). So nice^^

When I walked out the shop, the male salesperson from the beginning, knowing that I understand Japanese, said to me "Very cute!" again XD Well, everybody was laughing :D

That was really a good example of the friendliness of Osaka-people I think^^

Well I also made a rather..strange experience of the directness of Osaka-people on the next day, but will write about it later^^

I went back to Katrin's home in the evening^^

We ate the Omiyage I had brought from Osaka-Castle. "Osaka Choco-banana" lol Well, actually I thought the Choco-Banana was a speciality of Tokyo but..somehow Osaka says it's theirs XD Maybe to anger Tokyo :D

 It was good but very sweet^^

Well that was day 3 of my Kansai-trip^^


  1. Danke für den Bericht! (≧∇≦)
    Habe auch schon öfter gehört, dass die Osaka Einwohner offener, netter sind. Schön, mal darüber aus 'erster Hand' zu lesen. ^ - ^
    Viel Spaß noch!~

  2. Hui, Osaka sieht aber echt gut aus! :D Ich war damals nicht an so vielen Orten, das Osaka-Schloss kenne ich, war auch leider drin, aber das war nicht so toll!! XD Aber Nanba kannte ich noch nicht, vielleicht habe ich ja auch noch die Chance, so weit zu fahren, wenn es nicht zu teuer wird! ^^
    Ich kanns ja nicht beurteilen, aber die Leute in Tokyo sind schon sehr zurückhaltend, also auf der Straße oder in der Ubahn, aber in manchen Geschäfte konnte ich mich wirklich schon gut unterhalten, weil die Verkäufer sehr gesprächig waren, wobei ich auch nicht weiß, ob das vielleicht Verkaufstaktik oder einfach nur Höflichkeit ist!! ^^ Aber es stimmt schon ein wenig, dass die Tokyoter schon nicht so offen und freundlich sind, auf unserer Rundreise damals war Tokyo auf jeden Fall unter den Top 5 der unfreundlichsten Städte, aber Nikko und Takayama waren auf jeden Fall schlimmer! XD

    Das Okonomiyaki sieht verdammt lecker aus, ich will auch!! XD Japan, das Schlaraffenland! Und solche Mini-Schokobananen hab ich hier noch gar nicht gesehen, ich dachte, Tokyo hat keine richtigen eigenen Spezialitäten, aber gut zu wissen, ich mag Schoko-Bananen zwar nicht, aber wenn es eine Spezialität sein soll, muss ich die wohl auch mal probieren! ;D

  3. Super interessant Bericht! ! :) besonders deine Begegnungen mit den Leuten aus Osaka!♡♡

  4. I looovveeee Osaka too *__* coolest city! ♥

  5. Thanks fo rthis great entry, it just brings back great memories of my visit of Osaka this summer (eventhough the weather was way too hot~~~~ v_v6)