Last day in Osaka//strange experience

On tuesday Katrin had to go to University in the morning and I decided to go to Nanba again alone^^

I strolled through the shops and bought sweets^^ In Nanba are many little shops that seel sweets much more cheaper than in the supermarket and I found Kyoto-Kitkat! So I bought too much again XD

And I saw something funny XD A restaurant and at the entrance was a big aquarium with fishes~

And next to it you could see how the fishes would look on your plate XDD

I imagined the poor finshes seeing the table and every 5 seconds getting she shock of their lifetime, like "Holy sh**! They gonna kill me!!"  Every 5 seconds again and again XD
Or maybe they think "Oh I'm happy to become such delicious sushi" XD

However, I drove home in the afternoon to meet Katrin for some Karaoke :D

But I still had a lot of time when I arrived at the Karaoke place so I went to the nearby Book-off...and there I had a very strange and for me not so nice experience with the "Openness of Osaka-people".

When I looked at some books, I noticed suddenly that a young guy was standing next to me and kept staring at me. I started feeling uncomfortable and went to another book-shelf.
He followed me(-.-;)
I felt more uncomfortable and went very far to the DVDs. A few seconds later he stood next to me again! I thought "Holy shit! What's going on?"

I ignored him, though he kept looking at me. 
Then he startetd saying "Hello" and smiling a big smile. Well, he was no "Otaku-stalker"-guy, but young and quite good-looking but - I mean, I wanted to look on books in peace and not get flirted or whatever!
So ignored him. But I really felt uncomfortable. I mean, I have a boyfriend since almost 5 years now, so no interest.
He kept saying "hello" until I looked at him. I was afraid if he noticed, that I understand Japanese he won't let me go so I said, I could not understand Japanese. Perhaps that was quite stupid, inside a japanese bookstore XDDD
But well, I just hoped he would go away.
But he didn't. Kept saying stuff like "he likes my looking because I am a beautiful looking foreigner", I kept saying that I don't understand XD
But well actually it wasn't that funny, I really didn't want to speak with him.
It was so obvious that he wanted to flirt and I showed him that I didn't want by looking at the DVDs and don't answering but he kept talking and saying words in english.
Then he asked if I have a boyfriend and -happily- I said "yes!" hoping he would go now.
But, he didn't. (-.-;)
he then asked me if we could be friends. I was really hoping for the shop staff members at that time to rescue me, was so annoyed and I didn't know how to get away from this guy without being impolite.
But then I didn't know what to do so I just said "no!" and then "sorry" and went away-.-
Maybe it sounds funny but it wasn't that funny for me.
I mean, I showed him so clearly that I had no interest and he kept talking and asking with importunity..
The worst thing was, that this guy didn't go away. I went to another book shelf and noticed that he followed me but didn't speak to me. So I went outside.
I still waited for Katrin so didn't really know where to go and then he stood outside the Karaoke bar again. I think it maybe was not stalking but just by accident,maybe he waited for someone too. I really don't think he was a bad person but he was really kind of brash. 
And I didn't feel very well all alone and so on~

So...that was my 2nd and not so nice experience with the Osaka-openness XDD

Well, well~

However Katrin rescued me in the end and we had some nice hours of Karaoke :D

The food in the karaoke bar we went to was really cheap and good so we had dinner there^^
I had Udon on the right and sweet potato wedges :D

Chilling at karaoke :D

Later we went home again.. On the next day (wednesday) I sadly had to drive home again (;__;)
Here are my food buys XD, Gosh I really was in a holiday-feeling in Osaka, just ate all the time :D
Kyoto Kitkat! (*0*)
 Well, I miss Osaka and Kyoto so much. I didn't make it to Nara because I just had too less time and I couldn't meet all the people I wanted to meet but it was an amazing short-holiday(^^)

I really fell in love with Osaka. If I had to chose a city to live right now, I would pick Osaka^^ 
I don't know why but since I'm interested in Japan I'm way more interested in Osaka and the Kansai region than in Tokyo. I wanna go to Tokyo too somehow my interest in Tokyo is not so big..but I wanna go there in December, I'm looking forward^^
But Osaka has my heart, and Kyoto too^^ I want to go back there so soon!


  1. Oha, das hört sich ja richtig unangenehm an, gut dass du den noch loswerden konntest!! Wir wurden bisher auch zweimal von Typen angesprochen, aber da war ich ja immer mit Tobias unterwegs, daher sind die und auch nicht lange auf den Geist gegangen, aber weil das immer Situationen waren, wo ich meine Kamera draußen hatte, hatte ich auch eher das Gefühl, dass die es auf unsere Sachen abgesehen haben...
    Und ich glaube nicht, dass das ein Zufall war, dass du ihn draußen wieder gesehen hast, es gibt hier schon einige merkwürdige Typen, im Urlaub ist uns das auch zweimal passiert, der eine wollte uns zu einem Bus bringen, zu dem wir nicht wollten und wollte uns 300€ schenken und meinte er wolle Yakuza werden! Der andere ist uns bei Tokyu Hands hinterher gelaufen und hat die ganze Zeit etwas über Deutschland gemurmelt! Da ich da noch kaum Japanisch konnte, hab ich nur verstanden "ドイツは世界で一番…", das war derbe unheimlich und der ist uns durchs ganze Kaufhaus gefolgt, bis wir dann rausgegangen sind und schnell weggerannt sind! Er war ziemlich dick, deswegen ist er nicht hinterhergekommen!! XD
    Aber ich find das schon merkwürdig, dass es hier solche Gestalten gibt, ich weiß auch nicht, wie ich so etwas auffassen soll, auch wenn man so von der Seite angesprochen wird, ich fasse das immer sofort als potenzielle Bedrohung auf, aber vielleicht meinen die das auch ganz harmlos? Aber ich denke, es ist besser, zu vorsichtig und dafür eben abweisend oder unhöflich zu sein, als andersrum und etwas passiert! ^^

  2. Mhh.. ich hasse solche Situationen. Ich hätte ihm klar und deutlich gesagt. 'dont talk to me' 'go away' oder so etwas in der Art, weil manche Typen wirklich lange denken sie hätten eine Chance.

    Naja ^^ und wow, die Karaokebar mit dem Essen sieht echt gut aus! Muss nächstes mal auch wieder in eine gehen. ^_^ Schöne Fotos~

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  4. I forgot, but my friend and I had a somewhat similar experience... It was either in Osaka or Kyoto, but I think it was in Kyoto. We were looking at those coin machines with toys and some old business man (perhaps 30-40 years old) started asking her if she needed any help and we just said "no" hoping he would go away. Then he said, "No? No thank you?" My friend just said, "NO. No thank you!" Eventually he went away. I think he might have been drunk, but I'm not sure.

    I wasn't in Osaka (or Japan...) that long, but it has a cleaner, newer feel to it. Tokyo kind of feels older and dirtier if that makes any sense... I think it may be good for shopping and such, but I think you might be right that Osaka is better for living! How do you feel about Nagoya? Pretty neutral?

  5. That is creepy. Happened to me once in a bookstore but luckily I someone else was with me and we lost him. Another time on the train, I was riding alone and the person standing next to me was saying hello too --and not with a 'friendly' intent. Shot him a glance, ignored him and moved to another place. if he dared talk to me i'd get off the train and take the next one. =_=

    I have to agree I really love Osaka too and want to visit again someday!! During the time I visited we were staying in the Namba area so it was so convenient! And amemura has so many cool shops!! :D

    Did you visit the underground shopping passage? I think it's called Crysta Nagahori.:O