And already it's November~

Just some random pics~ Back from trip and everyday life has me back~

 Bento I had some days ago and Mori Gal-outfit. I'm totally in love with Mori style lately but I still suck at my outfits. The real brands are so expensive so I try to mix Mori-looking fashion and cheap stuff~
Skirt+sweater - Suzutan,  jacket - earth, music & ecology, scarf: random

Two lucky-buys~ Interior magazine and 2nd-hand INGNI-jacket from Book-off. The jacket even had the original tags on, originally it cost almost 4000yen, I got it for 1600Yen. I have no idea why Book-off sells the stuff so cheap, it's not broken, just 2nd-hand. But maybe it's not the up to date-collection or something..I don't care, it's warm and cheap^^

The same goes for this jacket by Earth, Music and Ecology. From Book-off. Super cute and super quality^^ And Kato Miliyah's Best-off album. I love Book-off^^

Recent outfits~ 
Left: Skirt - 2nd hand; blouse - Retro girl, scarf - random, jacket - INGNI
Right: dress - H&M
So, not very spectacular lol

Writing christmas and New Year's Cards and having chocolate orgy (-.-;)

Omiyage I got from my friend Yoshie and Kyoto's great Yatsuhashi (filled sweet rice-dumplings) as Jibun-Omiyage (Souvenir for oneself) XD

The corner of my desk with my flowers from Ikebana and Okonomyaki-Senbei I bought in Osaka.
Strolling through Sakae alone~

And having Tiramisu Latte alone~

 Special Kyoto Kitkat with cinnamon-flavor. So good.. I have to get more of those, wanna give some to Thanh Thao <3

A "Mannekin"-Waffle-Omiyage I got from a dorm mate and a recent outfit with the hat I bought in Osaka~

Good morning winter! 10°C and sibirian wind has come to Nagoya too.

Yakisoba pan I had today. Good but not as geat as it looks XD

This inconsiderable caramel bun instead was really a sweet surprise^^

After school some karaoke with friends in the most stylish karaoke bar I ever went to :D

So many tests again. Tomorrow two tests, friday another test. But it's ok, it's practice for the exams.
Sports go well. Every 2nd day hitting the gym. Slowly I'm increasing the length and intensivity of my workouts so my body doesn't get used to it. First some muscle stuff and afterwards at least one hour on the bicycle ergometer. While cycling I usually learn. Really good for my mood and body to be balanced. 

Now it's too late and I have to go to bed.


  1. Your outfits are cute! :D and the food always looks so great <3 Thanks to your blog I know now that I have to go to book-off's when I'm in Japan! And uhm... How do your learn when you are cycling :') sounds interesting.

    1. Book-off is really great but not every one of them sells clothes. The one which sell clothes are called "Book-off super bazaar"^^ They have maps on their homepage where to find the clothe-selling-ones^^

  2. Ich liebe Book-Off auch total!! Aber ich wusste nicht, dass sie auch Kleidung verkaufen O_o Wahrscheinlich weil ich die ganze Zeit bei den Büchern verbracht habe, hab ich das iwie verpasst :D

    Ich finde Mori-Gal steht dir totaaaaal super!! Und du failst überhaupt nicht~ Total hübsch und glücklich siehst du aus :)

    1. Also nicht jeder Book-off verkauft Kleidung^^ Die die das machen heißen "Book-off Super Bazaar". Aber man kann auf der HP gucken, wo sich so einer befindet^^ Ich haba llerdings schon gehört, dass wohl der super bazaar in Tokyo (oder einer von denen) nicht so viele schöne Sachen hat, muss also von Laden zu laden sehr unterschiedlich sein^^

  3. ooh cool ^.^ schade dass 2nd hand shops in deutschland nich so schöne sachen haben :)
    Mori girl/gyaru steht dir soooooooooooooooooooooooo gut!! Ich hoffe du bleibst bei dem style :33

  4. The Ingni jacket is very cute! All of the food looks very delicious! I also love chocolate. :)

    I also purchased the same Kate palette for 30% off. XD I think Japanese brands like KATE, Brigitte, etc are more expensive than drugstore makeup (where I live), but less expensive than high-end makeup. I think for the price, the quality is quite good.

    I always forward to reading your posts! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. Deine Outfits sind so toll!! Und ich liebe deine Posts *_* total toll.

  6. Deine Outfits sehen sooo süß aus!!! Und das Mori styled Outfit steht dir voll gut!!! :)
    Ich komm leider grad nicht so oft zum Bloglesen, sorry ;_; Muss dir mal noch ne Mail schreiben mit nem Foto vom Kleinen :) Kann dein Handy Fotos empfangen? Ja oder?!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Heyy vielen dank für deinen Kommentar ♥ (den ich nach gefühlt hundert Jahren beantworte!) Die Mutter einer Freundin sieht das mit dem grünen Tee genauso (also die Fukushima Problematik) :) Danke fürs informieren!
    Deine Posts bringen mich Japan näher hihi :> Ich will ja nächstes Jahr unbedingt hin! Tolle Outfits ♥ Und bei Make-up sollte man echt nicht zuuu sehr sparen. Wobei ich finde dass essence und co. in Deutschland echt eine gute Qualität haben. Hehe du schreibst jetzt schon Xmas Cards? Heisst das, die brauchen sehr lange, um hier anzukommen? Anyway viel Glück weiterhin ♥ und ganz viel Spass :))

  8. How do you curl your hair into those waves? It's so pretty and looks natural! Is it? Lol

    If you want good make-up that is affordable I highly recommend ETUDE HOUSE. It's a Korean brand and very easy to find in Japan. I 1st discovered it in Tokyo and have NEVER looked back. It's amazing for my skin even though I'm white and my skin (which is oily and often has pimples) has improved so much since I used this brand!!

  9. Aw deine Outfits sind super süß!