Today everybody is quiter, everything goes more slowly, and it rained the whole day.

I don't know how much it is ok to write in my internet blog about this thing but today a person from the other international dormitory died. I think it's ok to say that much, at least this is my blog and I need to write about my feelings.
I'm ok but I feel sorry for the other people from dormitory, they must feel terrible now.

At the latest now reality has come back to me here in Japan. This is the world with all bads and goods, it's everywhere the same.

I went alone to Sakae after university.

It was raining and very quiet in the city, as it was in the middle of the week and quite early.

I bought some Omiyage for my friends in Osaka and strolled through the city.

Suddenly I stood infront of TULLY's, which is the coffee shop my dear friend Thanh Thao had worked when she did her Working Holiday in Japan.

So I decided to have break there and make a few photos for her.

Sweet Potato ice cream and Tiramisu latte^^ Unfortunetly I think we misunderstood. The picture of Tiramisu Latte looked totally different from what I got and it also didn't taste like tiramisu but like some nut flavoured coffee.
I don't know, I'm sure I said 'Tiramisu latte' and it looked as if the staff has understoof but maybe I made a mistake or didn't speak coherent, I don't know :(

That's it for today. I will learn now.


  1. Adorable place)) For those rainy days a cup of fine coffee is just right what is needed))) Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!


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  3. hallo^^ danke für dein kommi. ja OOR waren hier :> ja ao ähnlich bei mir ist das auch... ich verstehe einiges und ein paar dinge kann ich lesen aber sprechen ist noch am schwersten.
    dann noch viel glück dabei das wird schon! ^^

  4. Haha, yes everywhere there are goods and bads ;)