Shopping in Sakae//Food Overload

Today I met up with Yoshie, Yuu and Moe! We had a great day in Sakae with shopping and too much food! :D

The weather was so great today, finally it's getting a bit colder but still sunny and warm^^

Yuu and me in the tube^^


First we had lunch^^ I had Miso Katsudon which is a speciality of Nagoya! ^^ I want to taste all the specialities of Nagoya^^
The menu~

My Miso Katsudon and Miso soup menu^^

It was really good though the miso was a bit less but really delicious^^

Yuu's Curry udon^^ Looked so good (*v*)

Our group^^ (the pic belongs to Yuu)

Afterwards we were ready to start shopping^^ We went to PARCO, which is  a big shopping mall with my brands and shops^^ Most of the shops where too expensive so we mainly looked at the nice clothes ^^
Japanese fashion is really sooo amazing (*v*)

On our way to PARCO^^

I didn't make pics in the mall as I didn't know if it's allowed.

Afterwards we went to Book-off and some other shops and strolled around^^

And after that we went to Sakae station and had a break at Fujiya!! (*O*)
We couldn't decide what to eat so we ordered various stuff and shared everything! It was so much!

Our group^^ (Group-pic belongs to Yuu) 

We shared..cake

A delicious parfait^^

Choco-Banana pancakes

And strawberry-Banana-Pancakes!

We and the food (*O*) It was really too much but so delicious^^

Inside of Fujiya^^

And we made puri~

It was a very funny day but now I have to learn again for tomorrow's vocabulary test (*sigh*) And really have to reduce sweets again, was a bit much this weekend XD

Have a nice day~


  1. Es ist so toll, dass du es endlich nach Japan geschafft hast! :)
    Ich freu mich sehr für dich! >3<

  2. Oh die Sachen sehen alle so lecker aus *.*
    Und schöne Einkäufe hast du da getätigt, die Kette ist hübsch!!!
    In Deutschland ist es schon so kalt, bin immer ganz erstaunt wie warm du es in Japan noch hast! Bin ganz neidisch! :D Aber gut, bald passe ich auch wieder in meine Jacken rein, dann stört mich die Kälte hoffentlich auch nicht mehr so.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. OMg ! Choco-Banana pancakes And strawberry-Banana-Pancakes ! i want it !

  4. Was für eine geile Erfahrung! Ich bin das erste Mal auf deinem Blog - wie lange und was studierst du in Japan? :)


  5. Woah... das Essen *__* Ich bin gerade voll begeistert. *__*