Shinkansen Tickets//Shopping at Nagoya Dome-mae

Today Caro and me went to Nagoya Station  because I needed to buy Shinkansen Tickets! :D Our short vacations are coming up from November 2nd until November 6th and I'm going to Osaka!! I will meet my dear friend Katrin there and meet Jacki and japanese friends from Osaka University again^^
I will also visit Kyoto and Nara, which I'm looking sooo forward to (*v*)

So I will drive Shinkansen for the first time! ^^ It's a bit expensive but not that much like german ICE and well, I'm in Japan so I wanna go by Shinkansen at least once (*v*)

The weather was great tiday, atumn has finally come, it's windy, cool and the sun was shining on a blue sky. Perfect weather for strolling through the city^^

Area aorund Nagoya Station

 After buying the Shinkansen-Tickets we went to Nagoya Dome-AEON and first had lunch.
 We ended up in this big crowded food court which I don't like that much but well, nothing doing~ I had Tamadon, Caro had Soba noodles.

Of course we wanted dessert XD Caro had this famous Baskin' Robbins ice cream

I wanted crepes again(*v*) I always take the atumn specials, this time it was "Maron-Caramel-Almond" Crepes!!
HAHA eating crepes here is always like this for me: 
First bite: "aaah so good.."
then when eaten half of it: "aaa it's too sweet, too sweet (;.;)"
It's really very very sweet with this sugarcream inside, afterwards I always feel like getting a suagar rush XD

The Nagoya Dome-AEON is the biggest AEON of Nagoya, there are various other shops inside, like Liz Lisa, many popular brands etc.
I went to Liz Lisa again and somehow I noticed, that it's really not my style.. in Germany I liked it very much and always wanted to go there but now, here I think it's too expensive and I don't really like the style..

But there are so many other great shops, I love the zakka shops and the shops which sell more kind of Mori style and casual stuff(*v*)

I did not dare to take photos in the shops again.. did just one pic of those amazing coffee shops where you can buy a lot of international food^^ Much is expensive but you can also find cheap foods too^^

So here's what I bought today~
Found a small packet of my favourite chocolate in this international food shop^^


Found amazing new San X-characters at Kiddyland(*0*) and Rilakkuma XD

Actually I bought those shoes yesterday^^

I bought one of those great scarf/cape/mufflers everybody's wearing^^ 

How you can wear it^^

Well that was it for now, have to learn for tomorrow's test~

So tired (-.-;) 


  1. Ich bin mit dem Shinkansen von Kyoto nach Tokyo gefahren und das war sooooooo teuer! Aber wie du geschrieben hast, man sollte einmal mit dem Shinkansen gefahren sein :D Und es geht suuuuper schnell!! Richtig cool :D

    Freu mich, dass du die Chance hast Japan zu erkunden! Ich fand Osaka wirklich toll!! genieße deine Ferien :) ♥

  2. Aww shinkansen fahren ist so toll! Schade, dass das so teuer ist
    ...aber man sollte das mitnehmen, wenn man kann! Ich wünsche dir schon mal sooo viel Spaß in Osaka!!♡♡

    Aw du postest immer so leckeres essen!*0*

    Mir war liz lisa auch immer etwas zu teuer xD

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  4. Ich finde deinen Stil total schön. Irgendwie schlicht aber doch romantisch. *__*