Outfits//Food//Everyday life

Just some random pics of today and the last days~

Some of my outfits~

And now some random campus pics~

This amazing old van is one of the random boothes and cars that are on the campus everyday selling delicious little stuff like Curry, soups, sweets, coffee etc^^

The campus~ 

Suddenly autumn has come within a few days and it's already quite stormy and cold but I love this weather^^ It's often said that autmn is the best season in Japan, you can eat the best food and see the nicest landscapes  ^^

In the beginning of november we have short vacation and I will go to Osaka, visit Katrin there. I also want to go to Kyoto and Nara and see Momiji and other things^^ Looking so forward^^

Now some random food pics~

Chicken Curry pan

Tofu gratin which I made today for dinner^^ I know it doesn't look delicious but it really is!! And so easy! 
You need: 1 Tofu (firm), 1 Cup soup (f.e. knorr), 1-2slices cheese
Dry tofu well and cut into pieces. Put HALF of the amount of water that's written on the package for the cup soup mix (f.e. if there's written '160ml', use 80ml). Put the soup on the tofu and top with cheese. Bake in the oven until cheese is melted! Ready^^

Dessert was Matcha Latte and Kuri Man..I love Kuri (chestnut)<3

Kuri man^^

A few days ago Caro and me went to a mall and had lunch in the cute little café/restaurant to which we also went before^^ Ok, I exaggerated with the food but I just could not decide if I want cake or lunch so I took both (._.) Was too much but was sooo delicious^^

First I had Fry Salmon autumn pasta~

And dessert was my beloved Mon Blanc!! With Anko and Kuri cream! (*0*)

Caro had Pizza

And a huge amazing plate of pancakes and ice cream^^

Looks as if I'm only eating sweets lol But it was during the last weeks so..maybe it's ok :D 
Have to do homework now (-.-;)

Last but not least: Today's ikebana


  1. Danke für deine schnelle Antwort :) Ich bewunder Auslandssemester sowieso immer, aber wenn es dann noch in eine so fremde Kultur geht, wie z.B. auch China oder Thailand finde ich das immer sehr bemerkenswert. :)

  2. Die Rehtasse ist ja voll süß!!! Und das Essen sieht alles so lecker aus :3 Deine Outfits gefallen mir auch sehr gut :)
    Liebe Grüße

  3. oh ich mag die letzten beiden outfits ^-^ da siehst du echt süß aus ^o^
    und so viel leckeres Essen *^*

  4. Like ur first ootd best ! the top color is unique,so much autumn feels!
    anw,new follower here^^


  5. So viel leckeres Essen ;_______________; <3

    Hast du dir einen Pony schneiden lassen oder ist der zum reinklipsen? Steht dir super gut! o////o

  6. ah so viel Essen das sieht alles so lecker aus >.<