Karaoke//Package from mom

I was quite busy the last week,having an oral presentation in Japanese History, three tests in Japanese language lessons and a lot to do and some things that bother me a bit at the moment..but it's ok~
I didn't have time to go to the gym at all since monday but I wanna go today again, finally time again! (*O*)

Yesterday we went to Karaoke with the dorm^^ It was awesome
This Karaoke bar we went to was a bit 'special' XD It cost 250Yen for 4 hours (!!!) and we where allowed to bring food and drinks.. (oO;) Isn't that strange but great? :D

I'm a bit late with everything.. I'm here since one month now and this was the first time Karaoke in Japan XD I also don't have a mobile phone yet (-.-;) But next week I plan to buy one~

So first time a big great Karaoke! (*O*)

The others!! :D

David and me :D


Yu and Momu :3

HAHA I like this pic XD i bought a can of beer and everybody was like "aah doitsu-jin nee.." (for mom: "Aah..you're German..") but actually I am no beer-drinker at all XDD Sure, I can drink beer but I am no typical German beer-lover XD I prefer ume-soda when it comes to alcohol XD And somehow the beer tasted not very good..so after a view gulps I wen to the bathroom and poured it away XD

Now some pics of the last week~

Everytime we have lesson on the 6th floor, I enjoy the view afterwards *-*

I ordered at rakuten for the first time^^ This is a rare and special fish dish which is so rare that you can even not buy it at ordinairy supermarkets but only in delicatessen stores-.- I didn't feel like searching for one in 31°-Nagoya so I ordered them online (*0*)

Another great thing today(*v*) My mom sent me a package!!

Including coffee, tea, sweets and a cute letter, thank you so much mom! (;///;)
 Explanation: I think Japan has no real coffee culture..there are a few coffee from abroad in the stores but they are super-expensive and it's only Nescafé etc. I'm totally spoiled through my work at TENTEN Coffee when it comes to coffee, so my mom sent me some strong coffee from abroad^^ I'm sure there are also excellent coffee bars in Japan but I didn't find them until now and I need my coffee everyday..
About tea..sure, the best tea is here in Japan BUT after march/11 you should not drink green tea! I will write about this topic later..
And sweets^^ I already ate so much of it (;//;) So good..

 The day before yesterday I cooked together with my dorm-mate Kazu a japanese dish^^ It was delicious fish!!

Furthermore we made Miso soup and Genmai (brown rice) It was so good..

Today I made apple pancakes for my dorm mates. I forgot to take pictures (;//;) But it was quite difficult..the first few pancakes got all burned and uneatable..;O; A gas stove is very practial when it comes to cooking but making pancakes is really difficult..
But the rest of them got well and everybody liked them^^

Before cooking I went to AEON with Momu to shop some food.
After the shopping we went to have lunch in a chinese restaurant^^ It was really good and cheap ^^
I thought about trying some new dish but in the end I ended up with the good old Mabo Tofu^^;

My Mabo Tofu(*0*)
Happy Momu :D

Happy me :D

(The last three pics belong to Momu)

Well, I'm off now to the gym! Have a nice evening!


  1. Ohh es ist schön deine Japan Posts zu lesen :) Mich würde mal interessieren, was es mit dem grünen-tee-trinken-verbot auf sich hat :) Und das mit dem Kaffee kenne ich aus Schottland, die hatten da nur fürchterlichen Instant Kaffee :D

  2. Ui wie schön mit dem Paket deiner Mum ♥ Ich hab deine Mail übrigens bekommen, vielen Dank dafür!! Ich schreibe dir hoffentlich auch bald.
    Ich würd auch gern mal wieder Karaokesingen, aber das wird sicherlich so schnell nix werden :D
    Liebe Grüße

  3. oh how i miss toffifee!! (>▽<)
    looks like you had fun in karaoke! ♫♪
    lately i've been going to karaoke alone to practice笑