Hangout with Yoshie in Aeon

Just came back from 2 hours of gym (-.-;) Now exhausted like hell but it was great^^

Today I wanted to buy a phone. All the other exchange student are using those cheap simple prepaid-phones so I met up with Yoshie to go an AEON in her neighbourhood and buy this phone.

But it turned out the Softbank store there didn't have this kind of phones.. :/

But well, the day wasn't wasted at all, this AEON was really amazing, I went to a Liz Lisa-shop the first time, saw a lot of other nice shops with amazing stuff which I all wanted to buy and had some great food^^

I had the chance to eat meibutsu again (A speciality of each city)^^

This time it was Mochi-Misonikomimen!

 Until now this was the best dish I had here^^ The lightly fried Mochi, which was so soft on the inside, the noodles and the miso soup..awww it was great(*0*) The noodles were kishimen, I need to eat it with udon next time!!

Yoshie had Oyakodon^^

Afterwards we had dessert at Pastel^^ 
I couldn't resist - again: Mont Blanc! This time on a pudding^^

Yoshie had sweet potato-pudding^^


Yoshie and me^^ I look so tired..well I was really tired, somehow I cannot sleep well lately (-.-;)

We chatted about this and that and strolled through the shops^^ There were sooo cute and beautiful things in the shops,  I can't remember the names of the shops and I am always afraid to take pics of the shops from outside but maybe I will take a pics next time.. if it's from outside it should be ok^^

I went to Liz Lisa for the first time, the clothes are really cute but somehow not my style^^; I think I will continue buying 2nd hand Liz Lisa if I want it because it's more cheaper^^ I also went to IGNI and various other shops, all vey nice :3

There was also a great Coffee shop where they sold excellent coffee and sweets and foods from all over the wolrd for very low prices! I bought 500g of italian spaghetti there for 138Yen! It was really a great shop^^

The things I bought today~

I have to do some homwork now..tomorrow is Nagoya Matsuri here^^ I am looking so forward! ^^


  1. Wenn du ein Prepaidhandy von der Softbank willst, musst du das über deren Internetseite machen :) http://online-shop.mb.softbank.jp/ols/html/model/prepaid/?bid=tplpSTp13091002
    (Falls du diese Seite nicht schon kennst ;3) Aber lass dir gesagt sein, diese ganze Bestellung ist der totale Mist, du brauchst auf jeden Fall einen Japaner, der dir zur Seite steht und ggf. bei der Softbank anruft, um alles zu klären (zumindest bei meinem Klapphandy, das 740SC (das billgste von allen) - und auch bei anderen, die das gleiche haben - gab es ein paar Probleme). ^_^

  2. Ich hab mein Handy auch von Softbank bekommen. Also anfangs wollt ich ein Prepaid, aber dann aht sie mir die Unterschiede zum normalen Tarif erklärt, die Vor und Nachteile und nun hab ich eben ein Klapphandy mit normalem Vertrag..aber es gab eben auch Prepaids.
    Ne Woche später mit anderen Austauschstudenten waren die grad alle vergriffen..war das bei dir der Fall?
    Also das du nurjetzt nicht zu haben sind?