Food//Outfits//Ikebana//Study Abroad Fair

This week I'm really busy, have to do so many things for university (-.-;) So just some random pics of the last days~~

Today I had Oden for lunch :3 very good^^

Today I met up with Yoshie, a friend from Germany who will be here at university too for one year^^ We just met for a little snack and spoke a bit^^ Was so nice :3


Autumn sweets^^

A few days ago there was a so-called "Study Abroad-fair" here and the foreign students were asked to introduce their universities~

I made this little poster about our university^^

And the Ikebana I made yesterday. It becomes more difficult now :/ But it's still funny^^

Well I have an oral presentation on monday about Meiji restauration in Japnese History lesson..still have to repare it *sigh*

Well, have a good day/evening~


  1. you look so cute! (^^) i find it hard to dress up lately as it's always either too hot or too cold (~.~)w
    your ikebana is so pretty! i'd like to try that some day too♪

  2. Cute and casual outfit ^^ Love it.

    恵美より ♥

  3. Ich mag dein Outfit total gerne ♡♡

  4. Du siehst voll süß aus! Die Klamotten stehen dir super ♥
    Dein Briefchen kam gestern an! Wir haben uns sehr gefreut :) Du musst uns nur mal auf Romanji deine Adresse zuschicken, weil auf japanisch werden die das hier in Deutschland nicht annehmen :D
    Liebe Grüße