Today was a more or less funny day~

In lunch break I met up with Fumie and Natsumi to have lunch when suddenly a TV Team of Tokai TV came over to us, telling they would make interviews with foreigners for the show "StylePlus" and if they could interview me.
It was..cool..but also embarrassing. My Japanese is still bad and I think I did many mistakes though I tried to speak right and give right answers..
They asked stuff like "Why did you come to Nagoya?", "What do you like about Nagoya?", "Which parts of Nagoya did you already visit?", "Did you make this Bento by yourself", "Do you make Bento everyday?" etc XDD
But however, it was a great experience and if you wanna see it, watch TokaiTV on november 3rd at 12 o'clock (JPT)

This was my look. I started liking my bangs again^^ It's so long since I had them and somehow I felt like having bangs again^^;
Today's outfit~ It's really autmunish though it was 27°C again today..but I was insecure..in the morning it's very cold already so I didn't want to dress too light.

My Bento~ Actually it were the leftovers of yesterday's dinner..XD

Fumie and Natsumi with their cute Bento^^ <3

As dessert we got some delicious sweet bread which Fumie had brought from her workplace (*0*)

Enjoying good weather (^^)

Today I had a great view over Nagoya again from our university's building.

Now some random pics of yesterday and today^^

Yesterday it rained all day and after sports I went alone to AEON to do some food shopping and other stuff^^; 
Of course I also bought some other things (-.-)
First, two cooking books (*_*)
About Tofu and Bean sprouts^^

Then tights again^^; It's getting cold so I always think I don't have enough tights^^;

Yesterday's dinner, the leftovers where today's Bento^^
Sushi (from the supermarket), Bean sprouts and chicken, Genmai (brown rice), and lotus root cooked in soy sauce and katsuoboshi^^

And I also found some sweets again (-.-) How can I say 'no' to Milky-choco with Mont Blanc-flavor? Unfortunately they didn't taste as good as expected ;O;

Last but not least I bought a new small bag^^ It was quite cheap which I was really happy about :3 I needed a smaller bag because my university-bag is just too big (-.-)

Last pic of today: Today's dinner was selfmade Tofu-Oknomiyaki^^ Okonomiyaki the healthy way : D

Still have to do homework now.. (-.-;)


  1. Haha ich hab auch eine Handtasche aus Japan, auf der der gleiche Spruch steht. Steht bei dir auch "wanderfull" drauf?! xDD
    Das Wetter bei euch ist ja traumhaft!!! Aber die Woche ist bei uns in Deutschland auch sehr sonnig und warm für Oktober :)
    Das Essen sieht mal wieder so lecker aus ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Wow, der Haarschnitt sieht gut so aus *-* und ich mag die Tasche total gerne ❤❤❤ Sieht richtig toll aus!

  3. Du wirst immer japanischer :) man sieht fast gar nicht mehr dass du eine gaijin bist hahaha

  4. ありがとう~~!!
    Jetzt weiß ich endlich was 'Sojasprossen' auf japanisch heißt. (o^^o)
    Tolle Fotos!

  5. Schön, dass du dich so wohl fühlst ^^