we watch the day go by

Sunlight comes creeping in
Illuminates our skin
We watch the day go by

Stories of all we did
It made me think of you
It made me think of you

Under a trillion stars
We danced on top of cars
Took pictures of the stage

So far from where we are
They made me think of you
They made me think of you

I'm in a foreign state
My thoughts they slip away
My words are leaving me

 They caught an aeroplane
Because I thought of you
Just from the thought of you

Oh lights go down
In the moment we're lost and found
I just wanna be by your side
If these wings could fly
Oh damn these walls
In the moment we're ten feet tall
And how you told me after it all
We'd remember tonight
For the rest of our lives

If these wings could fly


Shinkansen Tickets//Shopping at Nagoya Dome-mae

Today Caro and me went to Nagoya Station  because I needed to buy Shinkansen Tickets! :D Our short vacations are coming up from November 2nd until November 6th and I'm going to Osaka!! I will meet my dear friend Katrin there and meet Jacki and japanese friends from Osaka University again^^
I will also visit Kyoto and Nara, which I'm looking sooo forward to (*v*)

So I will drive Shinkansen for the first time! ^^ It's a bit expensive but not that much like german ICE and well, I'm in Japan so I wanna go by Shinkansen at least once (*v*)

The weather was great tiday, atumn has finally come, it's windy, cool and the sun was shining on a blue sky. Perfect weather for strolling through the city^^

Area aorund Nagoya Station

 After buying the Shinkansen-Tickets we went to Nagoya Dome-AEON and first had lunch.
 We ended up in this big crowded food court which I don't like that much but well, nothing doing~ I had Tamadon, Caro had Soba noodles.

Of course we wanted dessert XD Caro had this famous Baskin' Robbins ice cream

I wanted crepes again(*v*) I always take the atumn specials, this time it was "Maron-Caramel-Almond" Crepes!!
HAHA eating crepes here is always like this for me: 
First bite: "aaah so good.."
then when eaten half of it: "aaa it's too sweet, too sweet (;.;)"
It's really very very sweet with this sugarcream inside, afterwards I always feel like getting a suagar rush XD

The Nagoya Dome-AEON is the biggest AEON of Nagoya, there are various other shops inside, like Liz Lisa, many popular brands etc.
I went to Liz Lisa again and somehow I noticed, that it's really not my style.. in Germany I liked it very much and always wanted to go there but now, here I think it's too expensive and I don't really like the style..

But there are so many other great shops, I love the zakka shops and the shops which sell more kind of Mori style and casual stuff(*v*)

I did not dare to take photos in the shops again.. did just one pic of those amazing coffee shops where you can buy a lot of international food^^ Much is expensive but you can also find cheap foods too^^

So here's what I bought today~
Found a small packet of my favourite chocolate in this international food shop^^


Found amazing new San X-characters at Kiddyland(*0*) and Rilakkuma XD

Actually I bought those shoes yesterday^^

I bought one of those great scarf/cape/mufflers everybody's wearing^^ 

How you can wear it^^

Well that was it for now, have to learn for tomorrow's test~

So tired (-.-;) 


なべ! Ate Nabe for the first time(^^)

Today was a stressful day, university was stressful, there was a test in Ikebana and Kanji and we had to prepare everything for tomorrow's Halloween Party.

But tonight was great! Why? I had the chance to eat delicious japanese food again! :D

This time we went to eat Nabe..it was a bit expensive but still affordable and really delicious! (;///;)

The restaurant was Japanese style and really beautiful^^

The Nabe!

"We are hungry!!"  (T///T)

And then the Nabe was finally ready!! You could chose the level of the spiciness^^ It was possible from 1 to 10! Yuu, Shiho and me chose level 3 and it was spicy but still delicious^^

Several veggies, meat, tofu(*v*)

The others chose level 5 and it was SO spicy! I cannot imagine how spicy level 10 would be.. (ÓÓ;;) 

It was so good...(*v*)

But the best thing was still to come..when we had eaten all the veggies and ingredients, the broth was still there. So we could chose if we want to eat the rest of the soup with either Kishimen, ramen, rice or Cheese Risotto! We chose Cheese Risotto!

The others had Kishimen^^

My Cheese Risotto..it was really so.good. (;//;) I want to eat it again..

The dessert was amazing too: It was hot sweet potato together with cold vanilla ice cream..that was also so good, haven't eaten this good for a while!! (*v*)

Afterwards we had to prepare everything for tomorrow's Halloween Party so we rushed home and on our way home we passed Chukyo University, "Okane-mochi-university" (Millionar's university) XDD It's a really nice building, especially at night^^

I really ate a lot of sweets lately so I have to reduce it from now on..but this week was so stressful(-.-) I also couldn't go to sports today and tomorrow won't have time either..so saturday finally sports again! (^^)

But now, have to learn a bit and then go to sleep (@.@)



Today was a more or less funny day~

In lunch break I met up with Fumie and Natsumi to have lunch when suddenly a TV Team of Tokai TV came over to us, telling they would make interviews with foreigners for the show "StylePlus" and if they could interview me.
It was..cool..but also embarrassing. My Japanese is still bad and I think I did many mistakes though I tried to speak right and give right answers..
They asked stuff like "Why did you come to Nagoya?", "What do you like about Nagoya?", "Which parts of Nagoya did you already visit?", "Did you make this Bento by yourself", "Do you make Bento everyday?" etc XDD
But however, it was a great experience and if you wanna see it, watch TokaiTV on november 3rd at 12 o'clock (JPT)

This was my look. I started liking my bangs again^^ It's so long since I had them and somehow I felt like having bangs again^^;
Today's outfit~ It's really autmunish though it was 27°C again today..but I was insecure..in the morning it's very cold already so I didn't want to dress too light.

My Bento~ Actually it were the leftovers of yesterday's dinner..XD

Fumie and Natsumi with their cute Bento^^ <3

As dessert we got some delicious sweet bread which Fumie had brought from her workplace (*0*)

Enjoying good weather (^^)

Today I had a great view over Nagoya again from our university's building.

Now some random pics of yesterday and today^^

Yesterday it rained all day and after sports I went alone to AEON to do some food shopping and other stuff^^; 
Of course I also bought some other things (-.-)
First, two cooking books (*_*)
About Tofu and Bean sprouts^^

Then tights again^^; It's getting cold so I always think I don't have enough tights^^;

Yesterday's dinner, the leftovers where today's Bento^^
Sushi (from the supermarket), Bean sprouts and chicken, Genmai (brown rice), and lotus root cooked in soy sauce and katsuoboshi^^

And I also found some sweets again (-.-) How can I say 'no' to Milky-choco with Mont Blanc-flavor? Unfortunately they didn't taste as good as expected ;O;

Last but not least I bought a new small bag^^ It was quite cheap which I was really happy about :3 I needed a smaller bag because my university-bag is just too big (-.-)

Last pic of today: Today's dinner was selfmade Tofu-Oknomiyaki^^ Okonomiyaki the healthy way : D

Still have to do homework now.. (-.-;)