Visit from my teacher from Germany! / Izakaya

Today one of my Japanese language teachers from Germany came to Nagoya because he held a speech at Nanzan University.

Horie-sensei really is one of the nicest and funniest teachers I've ever met!

Caro and me were so happy to meet him here in Japan. He is Japanese himself but he lives and works in Germany.

Furthermore we got to know the teachers of the 'German language department' here at Nanzan^^

First we met the other teachers and two students of German language at university and afterwards went to a near Izakaya and which is specialiced on Okinawan cuisine!

The entrance~

Now come a lot of food-pics :D

My Ume-Soda <3

This was awesome! It was kind of a tofu made of almonds! It had a slight peanut flavor, just delicious! :D

Some eggplant~

Edamame! They were so good (;//;) If I make them by myself they never get this salty..I have to find out how I can make them by myself..:/

Some pork (I hope it wasn't the ears..heard the others say something like this XD)

Buta-kimchi! This was really great^^

Goya and fried stuff, delicious too :3


Teachers :D

This looked like Bibimbap a bit but it's actually an okinawan dish too^^


Goya salad~

I don't know if I remember the name right, umibudou. Something like Sea-grapes, very fresh :D

German German teacher from Japan and Japanese Japanese teacher from Germany :D

Caro and Eri

The students :D

We and our dear Mr. Horie! ;D

The whole group :D

Sensei's tie :D

Tomorrow we want to meet Mr. Horie again to have breakfast as he has to fly back to Germany again tomorrow.(T_T)


  1. Das sieht nach einem riesen Spaß aus!!! :D
    Vorallem die Lehrer sehen total nett und herzlich aus:D

    ich freu mich, dass du so viel postets ^o^
    Ich liebe es deinen blog zu lesen ♥

  2. Sieht ja spaßig aus. Ich finde es immer toll wenn Lehrer so sympatisch sind, dass man gut mit ihnen reden und lachen kann. ^---^

  3. Hach das ganze Essen *,*
    Ich krieg Hunger!!! Schöne Fotos. Und schön, dass ihr euren Lehrer sehen konntet :)
    Liebe Grüße