Some pics of today and the last days~

Did I say that I love japanese TV and especially the commercials? :D I saw this new pasta sauce form 'House' at TV a few days ago and it looked so delicious, that I had to buy it^^;
It's so easy: Cook spaghetti, mix with the powder and put an egg on it and mix! So good (*_*)

Today after lessons I met my friends again (who I met yesterday after such a long time^^) and we had lunch together again^^ I forgot to take pics of our group but it was so funny again^^
In the building where we have lessons everyday is a little stand where everyday delicious bento and buns are sold!
So today I got myself a little bento there^^
It ws really delicious^^

Since sunday I'm doing sports everday. Since the whole fitness stuff in our university is free of charge, I use it everday and I hope I can be strong enough to continue like that.
So today I went doing sports again. I do it with Caro together. But I'm not really good yet, we only do like 1 hour of endurance sports on those bike things.
I want to start using more of the muscle-machines too^^

This was my today's dinner

Miso soup, edamame and some boiled pork shabu shabu thing with cabbage :3

And there came a surprising dessert^^ The grandmother of one of my japanese housemates, Yu, had made a delicious wagashi for her and she shared it with all of us^^ It was made of Kuri (chestnut) and tasted a lot like my beloved Mont Blanc cake^^ (memo to me: Eat it soon!)

Yummy~ So good *-*

From the leftovers of today's dinner I made this Bento for tomorrow~
(The meat isn't raw, it just looks like that on the photo XD)

Now some great view I had today again^^

 Now I will go to bed I think..
At the moment I'm a bit worried that I speak too less Japanese, I should try to speak more Japanese form now on..


  1. Looks like you are enjoying Japan alot c:
    Love the food and the spaghetti! Xx

  2. Spaghetti dish looks really delicious ^__^ Do you think it will be difficult to find vegetarian food in Japan? I mean, in restaurants and so on?

  3. Das Essen sieht alles so lecker aus °O°
    Liebe Grüße