Pancake Café/A bit Shopping

The first thing I got today was a lovely letter by Thanh Thao <3
I was so happy, thank you dear!! (*_*)

After university I went with Carolin to another part of Nagoya, to search for a special post office, where she could withdraw money. 
It was really difficult to find it..and it was so hot again today (@o@) We didn't really know where to go and so it took very long but we found it in the end.
And I saw a new part of Nagoya: Naka^^
There were some nice flower decorations in the street^^ Very nice

I saw this ncie Udon shop^^ It's still too hot for eating the good stuff but I'm looking forward to winter, will eat the things soon^^

 After we had finally found the post office, we found a big department store and went there to have a break and look what kind of shops they had^^ They had Daiso XD I was happy, I only had 1500Yen or something with me, so I couldn't spend too much money XD

Well, we went to nice little restaurant/café and finally I had the chance to eat delicious japanese-style-pancakes(*_*)

Such a nice view^^

That was my food^^And my coffee~
The whole set: Coffee and pancakes cost only 500Yen! (*///*) I wanna go there again^^

Caro had banana-choco-waffles! 495Yen! (*-*)

We shared our food^^

Afterwards I bought my first Taiyaki! It was filled with Kuri-cream (chestnut), I love kuri(*0*) Actually I was so full so I took it home to eat it later but I have kind of a 'list', what I want to eat in Japan and so I saw the Taiyaki-booth and thought 'Ok let's buy it now :D'

I also bought some things today.. first were two books for university^^
I have a seminar which is completely only about the books of Murakami Haruki! He is my all-time favourite author and this lesson is only about is books (and a bit Fitzgerald XD), isn't it awesome?^^

The last thing was this little letter set to write some little letters to my family and friends^^

Tomorrow is a kanji-test again, have to learn now.. 


  1. oh gott ich will auch so einen unterricht ;O; mega geil!!

  2. Oh wie toll! Ein Briefchen von TT!! Ich muss ihr auch unbedingt wieder schreiben!!! Hast du meine Mailaddy gesehen? Hatte ich dir bei deinem letzten Post glaube ich geschrieben :)
    Die Pancakes sehen voll lecker aus, yummy. Und schöne Einkäufe!!!
    Liebe Grüße ♥