Ōsu Kannon//Fleamarket//Shopping (heavy pic post)

Today I went to Ōsu Kannon, which is a buddhist temple in Nagoya.

I had heard that there was a fleamarket today so we wanted to go there and see how it is^^

But Ōsu isn't only a temple, there is also a huge shopping arcade!!

So be prepared for many tourist-style-pictures :D

My hairstyle and make-up for today~

Going to Ōsu-shopping arcades^^

Entering the shopping arcades^^


The entrance of Ōsu Kannon, the temple~

With Sofia, Yu, Momu and Nikita (^^)

Ōsu Kannon~

Inside this incence sticks get burned and if you inhale the smoke, it's good for your health and brings luck^^


I was here : D

This was the view from the temple

To be honest, the fleamarket was not really great XD It was only old stuff sold by old cute people XD But it was interesting anyway^^


We went shopping then :D
There was a great Taiyaki, Dango and Matcha-ice cream shop^^ The others had a snack there :3 

They made Dango and Taiyaki by hand^^

Ōsu Shopping arcade!

We also took Puri! :D It was so funny :D
2 of our Puri.. the big eye-effect is really annoying..on the new machines you can switch it off but on the older ones not :/
(Pics by YU!)

Pic by YU!

Pic by YU!

Inside the Puri shop :D

Now a few shops :3

In one of the shops two japanese girls came over to me and Nikita and asked if they could make a photo with us : D That was the first time for me to experience that :D

Well then we went home again^^
I didn't buy THAT much, I still have money, I'm surprised by myself XD

For dinner I had Oden for the first time in my life^^ Really delicious :D

It was a very great day and we had lots of fun^^
But now something really bad.. there are bug-like insects here..and since I'm here they're biting me! Look how disgusting big those blisters!

It's really disgusting and embarrassing to walk around like that.. but well, nothing doing~

I got to learn now a  bit, a test again on monday :D


  1. Danke, dass du uns an deinem Leben in Japan teilhaben lässt!! Ich liebe es deine Einträge darüber zu lesen! Bitte mach weiter so ~

  2. Such a lovely post and you look s cute ^^
    Hope the blisters get better!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. Buy a can of Lysol (It's supposed to be an anti-bacterial spray, and I think it is less toxic than bug spray). It doesn't kill the bugs but deters them.XD You have to spray it in your room regularly though (every two days or something) so that the bugs don't stick around.:)

  4. Ihr seid alle so hübsch, eine echt süße Truppe. ^^

  5. Aua das klingt ja voll übel mit den Insekten und sieht auch übel aus >.<;
    Aber du schaust voll süß aus!!! Und ich mag deine Frisur mit den leichten Wellen, sehr hübsch ♥
    Und wieder so schöne Fotos!!!
    Liebe Grüße