Nagoya TV Tower//Sakae//Crepes

Today Caro and I met up with Fumie and Yoshiko^^ We went to Nagoya TV tower, ate Crepes (finally japanese Crepes!) and walked through Sakae^^ 
Sakae is one of the amusment parts of Nagoya^^
While Osu is more like a mix of Akihabara and Shinjuku, Sakae is like Nagoya's Shibuya :D

On the way to the TV tower~

Fumie and Yoshiko^^

At the foot of the Tv tower there were the 'Wishing trees' by Yoko Ono (lol) However, I wrote a wish and put it on the tree^^

(Somehow I look fat although I'm doing sports and don't eat that much mee~ :/)


The wedding memory wall^^
Also from our University^^

Afterwards we went to OASIS 21, a kind of amusement arcade with shops, events, restaurants etc. 
We went to a crepes booth(^^) I wanted to eat japanese crepes always, today I finally got the chance! (*0*)

 I ordered Caramel-nuts-Sugar-cream-crepes(*0*)

My crepes in progress(^^)~

(Pop effect XD)

It was sooooo good! (*///////*) I wanna eat it again (;//;)

We also went to a Ghibli-shop^^ I was so happy (*0*)


There were so many restaurants.. I'm a bit sad, because I'm not long enough here to try all the good stuff (;o;)

Mabodofu-Set(*0*) (Mabodofu is my favourite dish)

Afterwards we went to Sakae!!

 And made Purikura!

Again I didn't buy as much as I thought I would (oo;) Only 100Yen-stuff again, haircolor, hairspray that was really cheap and some cosmetic from Canmake^^
Today was so funny again, but tomorrow is a test again at university.. so have to learn again~~


  1. So lovely and you look so happy and cute :3

    恵美より ♥

  2. Oh Gott der Studio Ghibliladen is ja sauteuer xDDD Aber voll süß!!! Sehr hübsche Fotos hast du gemacht :)
    Ich bin so froh, dass wir in Berlin auch einen japanischen Crepresladen haben, die Crepes dort sind so lecker *.*
    Ich hoffe, dir gehts soweit ganz gut?!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Du bist nicht fett ;___; <3 du Idiot! Du siehst toll aus und vorallem glücklich :3

  4. Nagoya schaut so viel hübscher aus bei schönen Wetter, leider hatten wir an unserem Nagoya-City Tag nur Regen. :-/

  5. Wow.. so viele tolle Bilder *__* Und der Crepe sieht so yummy aus *__*

  6. I love all the photos you post at the moment.
    Enjoy your time!! :)