Inkan & Sushiro!


Today finally my 'inkan', my name seal arrived!

This is my name wirtten in Kanji^^ 'Shining' and 'blooming'^^
 I'm very happy about this nice kanji and the nice meaning :3 Thanks to the dear people from Nanzan university whol helped me finding those nice kanji. I know too less about kanji to find something like that on my own^^

Well the other thing was, today we went to Kaiten Sushi with our dorm! 
We went to a restaurant chain called "Sushi-ro" -> Homepage .
Every ordinairy sushi only costs 100Yen and they also have other stuff like noodle soups, desserts, fried stuff etc. 

This was my outfit:

I have a problem with japanese hairsprays.. I already bought two but bouth don't really work..they don't hold on very good (-.-)

This time we went to Atsuta, another district of Nagoya^^

There was also a GameCenter^^ First we wanted to go afterwards but all of us have two tests tomorrow so we went home early^^


The green tea was for free! (*o*)

Some of my sushi :3
Tamago (egg)

Unagi<3my favourite and salmon maki :3

shrimp salad^^

In the end I had 7 plates x3

Everybody's happy with sushi :D

I couldn't resist this delicious little banana-chocolate-parfait(*v*) I always wanted to eat something like this in Japan and though I think there are much more beautiful parfaits here, this one was really delicious^^

Nagoya in the evening~
It was still 7h but already very dark here. Autumn seems to finally come^^

At times like this I get very sentimental and kitchy^^ I'm so happy and I cannot believe that I'm finally here.. I dreamed of going to Japan since I was 15 or something and well, I don't have to say again how long I waited for this..
And now I'm already here for 2 weeks (o.o;)
And everything is normal already, at least in university and here in my district XD
But it's great and I like it here, I'm so thankful to be here.
Well, tomorrow kanji-test and the day after tomorrow another test-.-



  1. You post so vigorously that I couldn't read all of them but saw pictures :) You seem to be having so much fun there!! I love Sushiro too :D

  2. Wow schon fast 2 Wochen in Japan?! Krass wie schnell die Zeit vergeht!! Schöne Fotos und ein toller Stempel :)
    Und so viel leckeres Essen, yummy :3
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Love your blog!
    This post is amazing!
    Would you like to follow each other? ♥


  4. Mensch, das Namenssiegel ist echt cool, ich hätte auch gern eins, aber ich glaube, bei meinem Namen kann man wirklich nichts Gutes draus machen! ^^
    Schön, dass du dich so gut eingelebt hast, dein Dorm und die Leute sehen echt super cool aus!! :) Wie ist denn die Uni so? Macht der Unterricht Spaß? Bei mir fängt der Unterricht erst morgen an, wir hatten jetzt quasi zwei Wochen Orientierungs- und Einführungsveranstaltungen, aber wenigstens hab ich jetzt das Lehrbuch und weiß, was ungefähr auf mich zukommen könnte! ^^
    Liebe Grüße und weiterhin viel Spaß! :)

  5. Thank you for posting so much-I get my daily dose of Japan at your blog! :) Please continue your posts!!! :)

  6. Wow, das hört sich alles ganz wundervoll an ^__^ <3 Ich wünsche dir auch weiterhin viel Spaß! Bin gespannt auf deine nächsten Posts :)