Ikebana & Surprise from Germany!

Today I didn't forget to bring my camera to my ikebana classes so I could do photos! (*_*)

We are learning the Ohara-school-Ikebana style, the most common Ikebana-style today in Japan and the world.
Before we starting~
Arranging the flowers..
Until now the ikebana styles we have made were not so difficult but you have to follow certain rules. 
Today we learned the "Inclining form" 
You have to carefully look after the angles and the arrangment lines, the length of the flowers, everything has strict rules. But in arranging and chosing the flowers, you are free^^

 Viola, this was my today's Ikebana!

From above~

Later we had to arrange an ikebana without help and guidance from our teachers.
This was my second ikebana.

 Last week and today too my teachers said that my ikebana was really beautiul and perfect..well I am happy about that but I don't think this way^^; I think mostly today my ikebana looked messy and I wasn't concentrated at all. It was hard this time somehow, last time for the first time, it was more easier.
From next week on we are going to learn more complicated levels.

Some other pics of today~

My lunch~

Going down one of the many hills here in my university's area^^ Japan is very mountained in general which can be exhausting but somehow I like it. It's a nice feeling if you stand on a hill and have great views^^

And then when I came home...there waited something.. a package from my best friend and my mom!!! (*//////////*)

They send me some clothes I had forgotten at home, chocolates and cute present*_*
I was so happy, somehow presents or letters from home are so nice to get^^

Now I'm going to prepare my dinner...


  1. Was für ein niedliches Paket. *__*
    Aber willst du deine Adresse nicht unkenntlich machen?? Oder hast du es nur vergessen?

  2. Kein Problem. Ich hab das auch mal vergessen und es dann ganz schnell geändert als man mich drauf aufmerksam gemacht hat. XD

  3. Oh wie schön, ein Geschenkepäckchen. Da freut man sich natürlich drüber :) Wenn du uns mal deine Adresse mitteilst, kann ich dir auch endlich mal ein Briefchen schreiben :D
    Dein Ikebana sieht toll aus. Die Blume ist voll hübsch!
    Liebe Grüße