Farewell breakfast with our teacher

Today morning we met our teacher H-sensei again.

I've mistaken something yesterday, he's not going to fly back to Germany today but he will stay two more weeks in Japan but with his parents and down in Kyoto and his hometown.

He used to work at our german university for some years but sadly he is going to stop working at our university and will start working at another university next year.

So today was kind of a 'Farewell-meeting'. (T__T)

He invited us to Doutor, a nice little coffee shop to have some breakfast.

The sandwiches were really good^^

It was a nice morning. Now I will do homework and chill.

The weather here in Japan is really great, now that the taifun is over, it's not so humid anymore and it's warm and like a mix of spring and late summer. At the moment I feel like being inside in a Ghibli movie or a Murakami-novel^^
Really, before I came to Japan I thought "Well when I see it with my own eyes, surely Japan won't look at great as on the photos" 
But it REALLY looks as great as on the photos. If I stand on a hill in the evening I feel like I am inside of movies like "Whisper of the heart", "Only yesterday" or in novels like "Norwegian wood" etc.
It's an awesome athmosphere in late summer. You here the cicades all the time and I mean..just look at these pictures!

Now I'm really sad that H-sensei will be gone when we come back to Germany.

He was really a great teacher and we owe him so much.
I will definitely never forget him and hope I will meet him again one day.



  1. Schade, dass er an eine andere Uni wechseln wird, aber vielleicht trefft ihr euch ja mal irgendwie wieder. ^^

  2. Schade, dass dein Lehrer geht, aber so ist das im Leben - ein ständiges Kommen und Gehen :)
    Das Sandwich sieht sooooooo lecker aus! Ich hab direkt Futterneid ;O;
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ui süßer neuer Hintergrund ♥
    Meine Mailaddy ist: happy.berry@web.de :)Ich hoffe mal, dass ich die Woche wieder zum Schreiben komme. TT wartet sicherlich auch schon ungeduldig auf ein Briefchen von mir.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Oh no what a coincidence! I was stalking through your blog by chance and found my own sensei here XD Are you from Bonn University too?
    Wow, anyway, cool blog!